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Injury Attorney New Haven, CT

Helping clients of the New Haven area, the professionals at Anziano and Bertucio LLC strive to provide strong and dedicated representation to accident victims. Regardless of your circumstances, our firm will put our many years of experience towards achieving a successful settlement or verdict in your case at no cost to unless we win.

If you, your spouse, or a loved one has been injured at the fault of another person or company in the New Haven area, time is not necessarily on your side. You need the guidance of a skilled personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At Anziano and Bertucio LLC, our accident lawyers will be honest and frank about the expected outcome of your case and work hard to get you the compensation you require to get back on track. Our injury firm knows the serious repercussions an accident can have on your future, so we will be there to honestly advise you through every step of the process. If you choose to retain a professional injury attorney at Anziano and Bertucio LLC, we will waste no time evaluating and constructing a strategy for your case.

We at Anziano and Bertucio LLC have successfully represented accident victims throughout New Haven area and all over the State of Connecticut. With a history of successfully representing clients in New Haven area courts, we have gained trust from clients in the past many years.

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Person Injury law in New Haven is overwhelmingly difficult, and a good insurance attorney will take advantage of your inexperience. Instead, rely on the experience Anziano and Bertucio LLC offers to ensure proper representation in your injury case. Call us at (800) 444-7969 today.

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